Bringing communities together through creative and holistic approaches to education. 



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One Story Classroom 

One Story Classroom creates educational resources that nurture young people's curiosity about the world they live in and inspire a love for learning and foster their intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional development. Find out more  

CHANGES Curriculum Framework

The CHANGES Curriculum Framework is a manifesto for the transformation of education into a movement that empowers young people to agents of change in their societies. It provides a blueprint for instruction in literacy, numeracy and the natural and social sciences that is embedded in principles of self-actualisation, connectedness and global-mindedness. Find out more

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Changemakers Collective

The Changemakers Collective creates opportunities for passionate and creative educators to  develop their skills as educational leaders and to contribute towards bringing transformative learning experiences to young people around the world.    Find out more


Storytelling Communities

Storytelling Communities aims to work in partnership with educators all over the world to deliver education and community development projects through the use of the storytelling arts. Find out more